Base Endpoints Now Available on Blast API: Streamlining Ethereum L2 Network Development

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3 min readApr 27, 2023


The Web3 space has been expanding rapidly, with more and more developers building decentralized applications (dApps) and platforms to support the emerging decentralized economy. One of the most significant developments in this space is the integration of Coinbase’s L2 network, Base, with Blast API. This integration is poised to bring more users to Web3 by offering a safe, low-cost, open-source, and developer-friendly way to build on-chain.

Base is built on the Bedrock release of the OP Stack, which resembles Ethereum as closely as possible. This similarity makes it easier for developers to build on Base and Ethereum with little dissimilarities. However, builders should be aware of the discrepancies between the behavior of Base and Ethereum when building dApps on top of Base, such as opcodes, blocks, network specifications, or transaction costs.

Blast API provides both dedicated APIs that can be tailored to specific project requirements as well as the option to utilize a public API. Blast’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation enable Base builders to easily generate custom API endpoints with minimal effort. Moreover, they can efficiently manage multiple projects, benefit from high throughput, and enjoy industry-leading response times and exceptional reliability.

To generate a dedicated Base API in Blast, developers need to go to, press on Get endpoint or Connect, connect with their Metamask wallet or Wallet Connect, sign the message prompted by their wallet provider, and create a project to be able to generate APIs or use one of the projects they have already built. Inside the project space, they can go to Available endpoints and activate Base to obtain the API.

Blast now supports over 40 networks and 23 chains and is aiming to become a vehicle for boosting blockchain adoption and supporting Web3 builders from development to production, release, and beyond. The set of blockchain projects available within the Blast platform is carefully selected to support Web3 development efforts on the most relevant networks in the industry.

Blast is a multichain, subscription-based, API platform, featuring the fastest and most reliable blockchain access to the most relevant networks in the space. Using Blast, blockchain developers can bypass all the hurdles involved in running their infrastructure, reducing both their outage risks and infrastructure costs. Blast delivers a high-tech, proprietary solution for proxying and routing user requests, allowing it to achieve best-in-industry response times and top-notch reliability. Moreover, the platform features stable-coin crypto payments and allows users to connect with their Metamask wallets to create an account and obtain their custom API endpoints in just a couple of clicks. For increased convenience and ease of use, Public APIs are also available in Blast for all supported networks.

In conclusion, the integration of Base with Blast API represents a significant step in the Web3 space. It offers developers a user-friendly and efficient way to build on-chain, streamlines their work, reduces their risks, and ensures that the platform remains resilient and secure. With Blast’s support for over 40 networks and 23 chains, it is well-positioned to support Web3 development efforts and boost blockchain adoption. Developers can leverage Blast to focus on building their dApps and platforms, without worrying about infrastructure or maintenance costs. Blast API is a game-changer for the Web3 space, and its impact will be felt for years to come.

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