Bware Labs Launches Blast API Mainnet, Bringing Next-Generation Blockchain APIs to Developers!

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3 min readMar 11, 2023


Bware Labs has announced the launch of Blast API Mainnet, which is a blockchain API platform that enables easy blockchain access to various networks in the blockchain space. The launch comes after two years of development and a successful testnet program, Houston Incentivized Testnet, which was created to achieve sustainability and security levels necessary for maintaining best-in-industry performance after full decentralization. The purpose of the testnet was to verify all the technical aspects involved in the decentralization of the Blast API Platform. The integrity and staking protocols, scoring algorithm and in-house built proxy were tested to ensure that Blast could keep its superior performance within the industry even after decentralization.

According to Bware Labs, the testnet program was successful, with Blast recording an average throughput beyond 40,000 RPS by the end of the stress testing period. With the launch of Blast’s mainnet, the speed and reliability of the API platform will rely mainly on the Proof of Quality mechanism. This mechanism enables node owners to join the Blast Protocol in a permissionless manner as Node Providers, provided that their nodes can satisfy the platform’s performance and data integrity standards. The estimated initial throughput that will be supported on the mainnet revolves around 100k RPS.

Node providers will have to stake tokens to participate in Blast’s protocol. Other users can delegate to a node provider from within Blast’s delegation explorer, an easy-to-use web interface available at to earn an APY. The governance mechanism for future development initiatives and improvements of Blast and its Decentralized Infrastructure Protocol will also rely on Blast’s token holders.

Bware Labs CEO Flavian Manea stated that “the biggest challenge is being true to your word when it comes to what you want to bring to the table. Maintaining industry-level standards in terms of quality while running the platform in a decentralized manner is no easy feat.” Manea added that the company had to find its own routes and methods to ensure that the nodes on Blast presented the required performance and did not prohibit the scalability potential of Blast.

Bware Labs aims to create an infrastructure and development ecosystem that can help Web3 builders throughout their entire blockchain journey. The company aims to play a decisive role in worldwide blockchain adoption. It has partnered with some of the greatest names in the industry, such as Polygon, Avalanche, MultiversX, and Sui, to further support blockchain development efforts by providing the highest quality infrastructure services in the crypto space. The company also supports blockchain projects from a validator role and is trusted by 18 blockchain networks to run validators for its projects.

In conclusion, the launch of Blast API Mainnet is a significant milestone for Bware Labs as it marks the realization of the company’s goal of decentralizing its infrastructure. Blast API platform will enable developers to get RPC, REST, and WebSocket access to an ever-growing number of blockchain networks in just a couple of simple steps. Bware Labs’ commitment to bringing true reliability and quality to Web3 is further supported by its partnerships with industry leaders, and its validator role for 18 blockchain networks.



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