Driving Web3 Infrastructure Growth with AI Integration and Expanded Market Reach

Rocket Boys
2 min readApr 22, 2024


In the realm of emerging technologies, the fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with decentralized public infrastructure networks (DePIN) stands out as one of the most dynamic tracks. While discussions often revolve around AI solutions such as computing power and model training, the underlying infrastructure supporting AI has received less attention. Enter Meson Network, a pioneering force in this niche, quietly honing its craft for three years and now making significant strides.

Understanding Meson Network

Meson Network serves as a decentralized bandwidth marketplace on Web3, aggregating idle bandwidth resources through mining to meet the rapid access needs of both institutions and individual users. Its applications span decentralized storage, AI, public chain nodes, and more.

1️⃣ GatewayX: Integrates global commercial idle IP and bandwidth resources, including those from IDC data centers, enabling users to contribute idle resources. This facilitates services like CDN, caching required files in nearby IDCs for efficient transmission to users.

2️⃣ GaGaNode: Primarily integrates idle bandwidth from household and personal devices to provide edge computing assistance. Household routers, computers, smartphones, and even small devices like Raspberry Pis serve as edge nodes, optimizing application response times and supporting various needs.

3️⃣ IPCola: Serves as Meson’s monetization channel, handling tasks such as IP and bandwidth allocation. It supports sectors including social media, e-commerce, finance, and SEO, achieving positive cash flow and rapid revenue growth.

Current Landscape and Partnerships

Meson boasts over 216,000 global nodes, covering 150 regions worldwide. It partners with leading entities across various sectors, including decentralized storage solutions like FIL and AR, public chains like ARB, applications like Ultiverse and RSS3, and cloud service providers like Amazon AWS.

Core Narratives: AI and DEPIN Integration

Meson intersects with two major narratives: AI and DEPIN. In the AI industry, Meson’s bandwidth support for model training and public data contribution enhances AI development. Regarding DEPIN, Meson aligns perfectly with the concept, aggregating global bandwidth resources and incentivizing user participation.

Token Economy and Financials

Meson’s token, $MSN, plays a pivotal role in its ecosystem, capturing value from miner rewards, staking, user payments, and protocol governance. With a strategic financing history and a clear token value capture model, Meson is poised for sustained growth.


Meson Network’s growth trajectory is fueled by its alignment with AI and DEPIN narratives, its robust product offerings, and its expanding ecosystem of partnerships. Positioned as a crucial Web3 infrastructure player, Meson’s potential for future growth is vast, making it a standout contender in the evolving technological landscape.