RedStone Chronicles 2023: “A Year of Unprecedented Growth and Innovation”

Rocket Boys
5 min readJan 5, 2024


As we bid farewell to 2023, a year that unfolded with unexpected twists in the cryptocurrency landscape, including the depegging of USDC and CZ’s departure from Binance, one name emerged as a force of innovation and growth — RedStone. Throughout the year, RedStone not only introduced Classic (Push) and X (Perps) models alongside Core (Pull) but also expanded its presence across numerous networks, earning integration with top-tier protocols. Reflecting on the strides made in the past year, our team is proud of the progress, yet we believe this is just the beginning. Brace yourselves as we unveil the roadmap for the upcoming 2024 — the year of RedStone Oracles.

Before we delve into the exciting prospects that lie ahead, let’s revisit some of the milestones that defined our journey in 2023. Are you ready? Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

  1. DeltaPrime Launch: Kicking off the year with the “Big DeltaPrime Bang” on the Avalanche mainnet, RedStone swiftly became the fastest-growing protocol on Avalanche and later on Arbitrum. The collaborative spirit with DeltaPrime, which had been nurtured since the inception of both projects, bore fruit as RedStone Oracles enabled the protocol’s launch. The DeltaPrime launch in January marked a significant moment for us, showcasing the full utilization of the RedStone Core model on the mainnet.
  2. Exclusive Angel Round: In May, RedStone made headlines with the announcement of its exclusive Angel Round. Backed by Web3 pioneers such as Stani Kulechov (Aave & Lens Founder), Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon Co-Founder), Alex Gluchovski (zkSync Co-Founder), and Emin Gün Sirer (Avalanche Co-Founder), among others, this round underscored our mission to be the most practical and value-adding Oracle for builders. The endorsement from industry leaders highlighted the necessity for multiple oracle options, challenging the notion of a single provider being sufficient.
  3. RedStone Expanding as the LSTfi Oracle: In the realm of LSTs, RedStone Oracles achieved remarkable integration milestones with protocols like Swell Network, Stader ETHx, Sommelier, Gravita, Stakewise, and EtherFi. Our role in supporting multi-chain liquid staking protocols, such as Stader’s ETHx, and contributing to StakeWise V3’s vision showcased our commitment to advancing DeFi through innovation.
  4. Aave on the Avax Spruce Testnet with RedStone: Prior to ethCC, RedStone became an integral part of the Avalanche Evergreen launch, providing essential data feeds to dApps on the Avalanche Spruce Testnet. This collaboration, especially with the Aave Protocol and Voltz, exemplified the integration of institutional players with decentralized protocols, marking a significant step in bridging traditional finance with the DeFi sector.
  5. Push for RWAs with Angle & Voltz SOFR: RedStone ventured into the world of Real World Assets (RWAs) in collaboration with Angle Protocol and Voltz Protocol. By seamlessly integrating real-world assets like the Amundi ETF into DeFi, RedStone emphasized the critical role of accurate oracles in facilitating the daily price updates for traditional assets in the decentralized realm.
  6. RedStone for Option Protocols with Premia on Arbitrum: Integration with Premia Blue, a decentralized options protocol, showcased RedStone Oracles’ seamless collaboration. This partnership enhanced Premia’s operations with adaptable oracle technology, introducing a Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) feed and ensuring transparent, timely, and reliable price data.
  7. Inception of Model X and Cadence Protocol Integration: Cadence and RedStone joined forces to introduce decentralized keepers, automating tasks in DeFi while eliminating centralized control risks. Their decentralized keepers, powered by a CadenceKeeperAdapter contract, showcased the commitment to maintaining efficiency in decentralized perpetual protocols.
  8. Elevating CIAN’s Efficiency: Collaboration with CIAN addressed high latency and price discrepancies, with RedStone’s Core Model reducing latency and providing accurate price feeds. This partnership optimized CIAN’s operational capabilities and maximized capital efficiency for users.
  9. The Year of The Ecosystem Launches: RedStone actively supported various blockchain ecosystems, partnering with Linea, Base, zkSync Era, and zkStack. These collaborations strengthened RedStone’s position as a versatile oracle solution across different blockchain platforms.
  10. RedStone Spearheads Innovation in RaaS Ecosystem: Integrations with AltLayer, Caldera, Gelato, Conduit, Gateway FM, and Manta Network showcased RedStone’s role in supporting the burgeoning rollup ecosystem. This collaboration emphasized low-latency data provision and access to over 1200 assets, advancing rollup technology and L2 solutions.
  11. RedStone Expedition and RedStone Miners Ambassador Program: The launch of the RedStone Expedition in October marked a unique adventure, blending challenges, innovation, and rewards. RedStone Gems (RSG), blockchain-stored activity points, became crucial for participant engagement and fair reward distribution. The Expedition promised an evolving, rewarding experience for those who engage early and consistently, further amplified by the RedStone Miners Ambassador Program.
  12. Abracadabra on Kava with RedStone Classic Oracle: Expanding its services, RedStone supported the inaugural MIM market on the Kava Chain, providing a USDT and MIM price feed through its Core Model. This integration facilitated innovative borrowing and leveraging options, solidifying RedStone’s influence in the DeFi space.
  13. The Inception of the RedStone Research Arm: RedStone unveiled its research arm, presenting comprehensive reports on LSTfi dominance, RWA integration, and the stablecoin ecosystem. These reports marked the beginning of RedStone’s commitment to in-depth research, providing valuable insights into the evolving DeFi landscape.
  14. Hubble Exchange Launch on the Avalanche Subnet: RedStone became the only Oracle to support Avalanche Subnets, collaborating with projects like Hubble Exchange. The integration with Hubble Exchange showcased RedStone’s adaptability and support for projects innovating on their own subnets.
  15. RedStone as the Backbone of Mento’s Stablecoin Factory: Partnership with Mento enabled the launch of Stablecoin Factory, centered around its CDP Module. RedStone’s integration aimed to address scalability challenges, emphasizing the synergy between stablecoin creation and reliable oracles.
  16. Fueling Venus Protocol & Enabling Lido’s stETH: Supporting both Lido’s stETH token and Venus Protocol, RedStone Oracles played a pivotal role in providing reliable price data. This integration demonstrated RedStone’s commitment to enhancing trading, lending, and yield optimization for DeFi protocols.

As we bid adieu to an intense and fruitful year, RedStone gears up for the long-distance race of 2024. The warm-up lap is complete, and our RedStone bolide is ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Stay tuned for what’s cooking in the upcoming months by following us on Twitter and Discord — we promise you won’t regret it.

While we can’t reveal all our cards just yet, what we can share is that our focus remains on addressing the needs of builders and maintaining a practical approach to growth, a strategy that served us well in 2023.