Unveiling the RedStone Expedition: A Blockchain Adventure Beyond Boundaries

Rocket Boys
3 min readJan 5, 2024


Introduction: Embark on a groundbreaking journey with the RedStone Expedition, an extraordinary odyssey that invites blockchain enthusiasts and adventurers alike to explore a landscape rich with challenges, innovation, and rewarding experiences. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the RedStone Expedition, uncovering the mysteries, opportunities, and community-driven excitement that define this exceptional blockchain adventure.

The Heart of the Expedition: RedStone Gems (RSG) At the core of the RedStone Expedition lies the concept of RedStone Gems (RSG) — activity points fully stored on the blockchain. These gems, securely kept on the Arweave blockchain using Warp Contracts SDK technology, serve as a universal measure of participant engagement. Users earn RSG through various activities, such as engaging on the RedStone Discord server, participating in community campaigns, joining the RedStone Miners Ambassador Program, and contributing valuable content centered around RedStone.

Boosts, granted for specific roles on Discord or ownership of certain NFTs, act as multipliers, accelerating the accumulation of RSG points. The Dashboard, a personalized Expedition tracker, keeps participants informed about their RSG status, recent points earned, and active boosts, serving as the central hub for all essential information.

Bridging Discord and Blockchain: Warpy Warpy, an integral part of the Warp Contracts project, acts as a bridge between Discord and the blockchain. By connecting their EVM address to their Discord account, participants can earn RSG for their Discord activities. Warpy ensures that points are rewarded for engagement on the RedStone server, strengthening the link between the community and the blockchain rewards.

Partnerships: A Pillar of the Expedition Collaborations and partnerships play a crucial role in the RedStone Expedition. Special weeks dedicated to specific partners provide participants with the opportunity to explore and engage with these collaborators. As the Expedition progresses through different seasons, new partnerships are revealed, adding depth and diversity to the journey.

Roadmap: Navigating Seasons and Discoveries The RedStone Expedition unfolds across three immersive seasons, each lasting 2–3 months:

  • Season 1: Rest of the year & beginning of the next year.
  • Season 2: First half of 2024.
  • Season 3: Second half of 2024.

As participants move through the Expedition, new chances and options unveil themselves, making the journey even more exciting. Early and consistent participation is rewarded, as points for activities may decrease over time.

RedStone Miners Ambassador Program: Elevating Engagement In October, RedStone launched the RedStone Miners Ambassador Program, offering community members a chance to contribute at a deeper level. Ambassadors play a vital role in fostering community engagement, assisting with onboarding, and creating a vibrant ecosystem around the Expedition.

A Year of Innovation and Growth: RedStone Expedition in 2023 The year 2023 marked significant achievements for the RedStone Expedition. The launch of DeltaPrime, the Exclusive Angel Round, integration with various blockchain ecosystems, partnerships with leading protocols, and the introduction of boosts and the RedStone Miners Ambassador Program collectively shaped a year of innovation and growth.

Conclusion: Your Adventure Begins Now! The RedStone Expedition is not merely an event; it’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in a world of innovation, challenges, and substantial rewards. By participating, individuals engage with a community of like-minded enthusiasts, contribute to a revolutionary blockchain project, and unlock a spectrum of rewards. As the Expedition continues to evolve, RedStone invites all adventurers to join the journey — your adventure begins now! ⛏️🚀🌐